ROX Pro - Making footballers think & react faster

ROX Pro by A-Champs have been created to make footballers think & react faster. Adding interactive sensor pods to your sessions takes football training to a whole new level.


What we think

ROX Pro can be a supportive training assistant or the most demanding performance coach you've ever had. Light, sound & vibration functionalities will give any session an edge.


  • Likes

  • Player engagement
  • Program functions
  • Included pro drills
  • Video demos
  • The smart app
  • Build quality
  • Performance tracker
  • Good battery life
  • Dislike

  • Long charge time from flat
  • 1st-time setup can be fiddly
PRICE FROM £229.00
PRICE FROM £229.00




The modern game is all about teams looking for an advantage over their opponents. Plenty of products out there claim to offer this. Years spent researching the science connecting physical & mental speed saw the creation of ROX Pro, an interactive training system developed by A-Champs. The SportsTech company is powered by tech nerds (their words) and elite athletes. 

Our team along with some youth elite & international footballers put the cognitive training kit to the test. Touch-sensitive pods that you tap with your hands or feet, or kick with a ball, were used in a number of football drills.

ronaldo_running_with_the_ball_for_portugalTHE DIFFERENCE: Speed & agility, a must at the top level.

A mix of coloured lights, vibrations, and sounds are used to stimulate the brain. Research has shown that this tech used in football training can improve reaction time, speed, focus, decision making, concentration, and memory of players.

ROX Pro pods are controlled through their app. Pro-level football drills are loaded, with a function to track single-player & team performance. 

Starting at £229.00* for 3 ROX, it's definitely a serious investment. But for elite-level football equipment that adds variety and engagement to training sessions, it seems worth it. A fact confirmed by its use at some of the world's biggest pro clubs.



The product


ROX Pro comes in a range of product sets. The most complete bundle is the ROX Pro Physio. This fully-loaded set-up includes 6 ROX pods, with a transportable charging case (with wireless charging), 6 protective sleeves and 6 claws to attach the pods to goalposts or walls. The price of this is £629.00*, but A-Champs do offer a money-back guarantee.

The rubber pods are streamlined with a large, sensitive tap area. The material is hardwearing, rain-proof and easy to clean, meaning it'll withstand many rainy winter training sessions. 



The pods light up in a range of different colour combinations. Light, sound and vibration levels are adjustable via the app to create a host of training objectives. The speaker specifically presents unique audio alerts of both buzzer and bell sounds. All these features provide more flexibility than other products on the market. 

Rubberised shells (A-Champs call these 'Supersleeves') are a must for more intense football drills. They add an extra hard-wearing and stud-proof layer. This protection still allows the ball to naturally pass over the pods for activation though. You can still see the lights colours clearly through the shells. The sleeves make the pods stable for use on indoor surfaces too.



ROX Pro pods do take a while to charge, to power the full range of functionality (up to 3 hours to full). But once charged, they last up to 9 hours, so they'll outlast even your most intense training sessions.


Set-up & tech


ROX Pro comes with videos and a walk-through of how to use them in the app. This is needed for the first time user or you may find the set-up instructions complex.

Once all pods are on, the 'Device Manager' section of the app lets you manage & power all your pods efficiently. 

One issue we found was trying to connect the ROX to the app when they weren't fully charged. So, make sure all pods are flashing green in the charging case before you do so.


rox_pro_being_controlled_by_coach_using_appCONNECT: Pods are set up & controlled via the app.

Pre-loaded programs on the app are ideal for coaching any number of sessions. Individual explanations help select what type of drill it can be used for. You can choose random or controlled light signals, and whether the interaction will need you to tap the ROX or not. With experience, you'll easily be able to create your own programs and drills in-app.

Leading coaches, who've worked with Ronaldo, Premier League & Bundesliga clubs have designed all the A-Champs programs - so you'll get these for FREE! From initial steps to full-on elite performance, you'll be able to scale your sessions inline with the best players in the world.

The pods can be used for both individual and group training. As mentioned, the provided app has many video examples of drills to get started with or structure your season around.  

Last but not least, in-app analytics allow you to track your player or group's performance. A leaderboard feature adds that element of competition.


in_app_analytics_for_rox_proSNAPSHOT: In-app player analytics & data.


ROX Pro football training


ROX Pro will definitely change up your approach when training. Whether you want to coach passing accuracy, train keeper reaction time or outright physical performance it has the capability.  


player_running_around_the_rox_with_sleevesMULTI-USE: Pods can be used for varying football drills.


Training with ROX is just like being in a game.

Manchester City & England - U16 Academy player


Creating engaging sessions is a huge benefit and a need to motivate playing squads. But at football4football we think the most important part about ROX Pro is the ability to improve the brain's cognitive-motor skills. This is a game-changer. 


Cognitive-motor skills

Cognitive-motor skills define the link between the muscles and the brain. They show the ability to take in information from the environment around you, sending signals from the brain in order for the body to move and react.

By  football4football


Training the brain's cognitive-motor ability with lights, sound and vibrations create variable load to improve body movements and accuracy. Done effectively, players improve awareness, reaction & decision making on and off the ball. 


ROX Pro helps players to...

  •  Change direction quicker
  •  See things faster
  •  Make quicker decisions
  •  Become more explosive
  •  Improve focus & concentration


Randomised light signals and audio cues recreate real game-scenarios. In match passes and runs are always different. ROX Pro replicates situational training for enhanced cognitive adaptation for football players of all levels. 

Brain activation is important for any effective training, so ROX is great for many other sports. Tennis, golf and general personal training can be catered for in the app. However, it was A-Champs' unique football benefits that impressed us most. 





The takeaway

There's no doubt that this is top tech innovation. Technology advances, new ways of learning and replicating game situations mean today's players can be the best they've ever been. ROX Pro is an investment, but one that will bring rewards season upon season. Fun for young players and challenging for the elite pros. Enjoyment, learning & improved physical performance, a winning combination. Now there can be no excuses for a dull flat session, light them up (literally) with this clever software in hardwearing pods.


football4football, as the leading independent football resource, carry out impartial research on products & services used in football. All opinions are our own or that of the professional players, coaches & experts we work with.

*Price correct as of 04/05/2023


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