How Flow State can save clubs millions in the transfer market


Spending time


Transfer windows always open with a buzz of gossip and a hive of ifs, buts, why and maybes. Some potential moves are planned meticulously, whilst others come out of the blue on the last minute end of deadline day! 
Video and data analysts spend hours feeding reports to managers looking to save their jobs or mount a push for glory. Positions, systems, and technical breakdowns are all on the agenda as football agents' phones are on red alert. 


Vidic welcomed to Manchester United by Ferguson

Beyond the speculation, there are some hard questions clubs ask themselves. 
Will the player fit the system straight away? Is that previous injury going to come back? Are intentional club-ups going to affect our run-in? 

Occasionally, consideration is given to how they will fit into the dressing room. In times gone by, this wasn't so much a problem. Most dressing rooms were self-managed, and players would either sink or swim. The modern footballer is more self-aware, more financially powerful and more unique. 


Zlatan playing for Barcelona


Our research with Flow Sport and, particularly, Colin Stevenson sheds some light on the benefits of clubs understanding both a coach's AND a player's uniqueness. 
As much as recruitment staff make the best assumptions on a transfer target's footballing ability, if they don't know how that target operates as a person, they could be in for an expensive write-off. 

Nottingham Forest signed 30 players during the 2022/23 Premier League season. That's a lot of different cultures, personalities and motions to consider. All of those factors won't come up in scouting or analysis software.


Nottingham Forest celebrate promotion

Time after time, teams active in the transfer window need help to gel players into the squad. Signings not fully understanding the manager's expectations or managers not knowing what makes them tick can take a player out of flow.



Drop in value


A high-profile signing. Watching one of world football's most talented players join the team you support is exciting for football fans. It can only take one interaction for the player or the manager to be triggered negatively.
When this happens, the player's time at that club invariably comes to an unfortunate end.


Mourinho hugs Joe Cole


Often, when a player is sold (even freed) for much less money than bought for or after a massive contract offer, the media paints a damaging reputation on the club's recruitment policy or the players themselves.



Jadon Sancho playing for England




0 - 0


Understanding uniqueness


A lack of understanding of a player's uniqueness is often the cause of the issues between a manager and a player. If a manager can successfully identify the drivers and triggers in a player's make-up before signing them, they can be bypassed or facilitated.



0 - 0

With this knowledge, the manager can build a meaningful relationship to keep the player in flow for longer, which means better pitch performance. Flow Sport work with teams, individual managers and players throughout the year. That said, it's during the Transfer Window where they could save a club millions. 


Foden celebrates with Haaland and De Bryune

Stevenson and his group help recruitment staff gain a unique insight into transfer targets and also provide methods on how to integrate them best within the new environment. Having players stay in flow for as long as possible, whether at home, on the training pitch or playing a match, drives team performance and success over a season, whatever the level. 



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