Why I.P.P.T clinic was recommended to stop injury pain of ex-pro footballers


When the final whistle blows, on not just a football match but on a football career, the trophies soon lose their sheen, and the memories fade. For most professional players, these are replaced by the aches and pains of football old injuries from putting their bodies on the line week in and week out.


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Former Sunderland and Wolves captain Jody Craddock, meticulously looked after himself throughout his respected 20-year career.


I used to really look after myself, that was my thing

Jody Craddock - to football4football

With that said, Jody, along with other elite athletes, walked the fine line of pain and performance. Numbers vary, but it's generally considered ( football4football research backs this up ) that footballers are only really fully fit in the first game of the season. After that, it's a case of going game to play, managing knocks and strains.

That's all good when you've got the challenge of a football season ahead of you, supported by an entire backroom staff massaging, strapping and, in some cases, providing analgesics (things that numb pain) to keep you on the pitch.

Once retired, daily tasks like walking to the shops can be challenging. The 'off switch' for ex-footballers is not really an option. Many still need that daily fix of physicality.


We’ve built a revolutionary process that provides non-invasive treatment to reduce pain, improve mobility, and speed recovery

St. James Clinic CEO - Hieu Tran


For Jody, it's gym sessions. It's well-documented that he's also an accomplished artist with many commissioned pieces. Both these activities were becoming increasingly difficult due to the onset of pain in his shoulder and hip.


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When this became unbearable, a chance meeting with a former teammate offered a solution.
For the former Premier League player, it was an unfamiliar treatment called I.P.P.T (Intense Pulse Pressure Treatment), pioneered in Birmingham by St.James Wellness Clinic.


I.P.P.T machine football4football


Not knowing what to expect, he went for it based on the positive recommendation of a trusted dressing room colleague and his own curiosity. As much as Craddock had almost given up on being pain-free, he still needed someone he knew to share what had worked for them.


He's like, you've got to try this, it's brilliant!

Jody Craddock - teammate recommendation



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Anyone new to I.P.P.T. or shockwave therapy generally feels a unique sensation during the initial treatment. The second and third applications are more familiar, but the effect nullifies any apprehension. This was definitely the case when Craddock completed his course at St.James Wellness Clinic. For him, it was a shock (excuse the pun) how much the treatment decreased his pain but also how quickly it actually happened.

Like many players, the former centre-back had experienced a host of purported miracle treatments or devices to help manage football injury pain.


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As previously mentioned, Jody, the former player, still needs to stay active and mobile. Gym training is now complemented with appearances in All-Star games, testimonials, and charity football matches. This is not an ego thing; it's a requirement for ex-footballers to continually challenge themselves physically and mentally. The clear benefits of this mean that Craddock, himself, is now an advocate for St.James Wellness Clinic after their treatment helped him. 



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It’s had such a reaction to my injuries, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it

Jody Craddock - to football4football



There's rarely a stop button when you've experienced a professional footballing career. Being able to manage the physical byproduct of one is essential for overall well-being. St.James Wellness Clinic is tackling the issue by providing I.P.P.T. as a non-invasive treatment for players.


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The main feedback football4football has had from footballers is that the treatment is quick and non-invasive. Most importantly, it is effective in reducing pain and increasing mobility.



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