Premier League Captain trials pain-free tech after 20-year career




In one of our latest injury research projects, football4football teamed up with St. James Clinic to delve into innovations in the Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy space.

As we continually focus on exploring the products and services used in professional football, our injury team came across the application of CS1 to treat pain and increase mobility.


CS1 machine at St James Clinic Birmingham as part football4football research


Similarly, in delivery to shockwave therapy, CS1 powers the unique Intense Pulse Pressure Therapy (I.P.P.T.) developed for the clinic headquartered in Birmingham to achieve results for a broad range of individuals presenting joint and muscular complaints. One patient journey we analysed was former Premier League captain Jody Craddock, who received treatment at St. James.


Our approach ensures quicker & smoother return to activity, minimising disruption to daily life

St. James Clinic CEO - Hieu Tran


Throughout his 20-year career, Craddock became synonymous with resilience and dedication on the pitch. A journey starting at semi-pro level, he reached the top flight as a centre-back, plying his trade with Sunderland and Wolverhampton Wanderers.


Wolverhampton player Craddock tackles Liverpool's Steven Gerrard




Regularly facing the Fergie-era Manchester United and going toe-to-toe with Liverpool's dynamic Steven Gerrard in the fast-paced Premier League pushed his body to the limit. Carrying some knock, bump or bruise on match days became his norm.

He shared with football4football his personal experience with football injuries, how to cope with them and their aftermath as an ex-professional footballer.

Revealing that he was 'fortunate' not to have had anything career-ending happen to him; he was a victim of a metatarsal fracture and a complicated hamstring trauma.


Jody Craddock in football4football interview


So, in his eyes, he thought he'd step into retirement with relative ease without expecting any future problems. Being free from pain is essential for him to be involved in coaching and gym training as regularly as possible and to continue creating as an accomplished artist.

Without the rush of endorphin-fuelled adrenalin for daily training and weekly matches, he became increasingly aware that his body was starting to hurt.


As a footballer you were constantly battling to be fit for the game, you would go through pain - that's just part and parcel of the job

St. James patient - Jody Craddock


Of the hundreds of players football4football has worked with, the retiring or former players all state the aches and pains do start creeping up on them from relativity nowhere.

With persistent and progressing hip and shoulder conditions, a former Premier League teammate recommended the pioneering treatment at St.James Clinic to Jody.


Jody Craddock walks out on his testimonial




Throughout his career, his experiences of pain management involved high-grade painkillers masking the pain for match days. As with many other suffers, the offer of improved health is tempting.

Recent years have seen major progress in managing pain using technology. Newer devices and machines are entering the market. These tools give physiotherapists and those in rehabilitation more choices to consider.

Healthcare professionals can now better manage and treat pain, improving patient outcomes and quality of life. Tools like electrical stimulation and ultrasound therapy have transformed pain management. This is especially important for active athletes and vital for retired professional footballers.


St James Clinic Birmingham treatment room


Intense Pulse Pressure Therapy is an advanced proprietary application that, through our research with Hieu and his team, has seen some positive trialling of the exclusive treatment within the St. James Clinic with repeat visits. That said, some players have noted marked improvements virtually straightway.

After a long football career and now feeling the effects of it, Jody's journey sees him as an ideal case study for I.P.P.T. Proven by being one such candidate experiencing immediate effect.

Be sure to check back for the detailed explanation of the 500+ league appearance maker's thoughts on his treatment process, its outcome, and peer advice. Coming soon.


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